Red Class go on a Bear Hunt

This week, we have been learning the Bear Hunt story. Every day, we recreated a different experience form the book and we made a page each day for our own Bear Hunt books.

On Monday, we made wind, we described it using all our sense, we drew ourselves on a windy day and wrote lots of windy words.

On Tuesday, we went for a splash. We dipped our fingers in bowls of water, we described it using all our sense. Then, we drew ourselves splashing in the river and wrote lots of wet words.

On Wednesday, we made mud, it was a messy day! We squelched our mud and drew ourselves squelching and squerching.

Brrrrr on Thursday, it was icy. We drew ourselves sliding and gliding and wrote some of our fantastic icy descriptive words.

On Friday we got cosy and warm, as we went into the bear’s cave.

In maths this week we had a pancake race, we counted the flaps of the fan and raced the pancakes across the floor. We shared objects fairly between two and then three toys. We made binoculars for going on a bear hunt, we wrote numbers on them so we could adjust the level of zoom. Finally we made maps to show where we had gone on our bear hunt.

In school they got ‘toasty’ and warm! They went on a fantastic bear hunt around the playground and used all their sense to explore the bear hunt story.

Year 5 Working at home

If you need to review the work we’re doing this week you can look at these video lessons:

Red Class and the Paper Bag Princess

Wowzers Red Class, another awesome week! We are so proud of you all, 6 weeks of remote learning and you’re doing an amazing job.

This week we had a wonderful time on Wednesday for Express Yourself Day. Here is a video celebrating some of the fabulous ways we expressed ourselves.

Our story this week was the Paper Bag Princess. We designed dragon chasing adventure kits and thought up new challenges to tire out the dragon. We drew the end of the story where Elizabeth call Ronald a rude word (he deserves it!) and we made dragon puppets, which we used to dance in the new lunar year.

In Maths this week we made repeating patterns with two objects and then we made patterns with three objects. We drew number castles and shape dragons.

In PE we have been practising 4 types of jumps. We spent two days practising hopping and hop scotch, then ladder and criss-cross jumps. Finally, we put them together to make a circuit of jumps.

We had lots of fun playing in the snow

In school they’ve been busy, creating their own paper bag outfits, making lanterns for lunar new year.

5G sharing their work!

5G have continued to work hard throughout this half term. Well done everyone! Here is some of our work!

We designed Logos! Here is Blenda’s!
Tracey designed a logo for a hospital!
This is Koray’s!
We talked about things which help us when we feel down or stressed. Blessing wrote about her love of music.
Koray drew the things he likes to do!
Jamail has continued to write his instructions for owning a dragon. Great work!
We produced some work based on Keith Haring’s art. This is the fantastic piece Ines did!

1L- Express Yourself Day

1L had a great ‘Express Yourself Day’!

Look at everyone having so much fun expressing themselves.

Maybe you could do some more activities at the weekend if you see an idea that you like below!

Express yourself day 1S

On Wednesday the 10th of February we joined in with the schools ‘express yourself day’. This meant we had a screen free day and used our time to complete activities that we enjoyed. We found lots of ways to express ourself and you can see some brilliant photos of what we did below!

Have a look for your photo and also look to see what the other children did, it might give you ideas of something you can do another day to express yourself.

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1S – Dress to impress day

Last week was childrens mental health awareness week with the theme ‘express yourself’. One way you can express yourself is through your clothes and what you wear.

Therefore in Year 1 we had a dress to impress day where we wore something that made us feel a certain way or had a special meaning. Everyone took part and looked very impressive. The best part was hearing how each person had a reason for what they had chosen to wear, you can see their outfits below.

Red Class and the Three Bears

Week 5 was another week full of fun and fantastic work. well done Red Class, we are so proud of you all.

We started the week telling the story together and making puppets.

Orla made some delicious looking biscuit story characters, yum!

Tuesday, was delicious, we all had porridge together and we wrote a class poem using all our senses.

We thought about size ordering this week and drew our families in height order.

We used our creativity and engineering skills to build chairs, we tested them and tried not to bang our bottoms like Goldilocks!

We sorted objects from into size order.

On Thursday, we thought about what baby bear would look like when they came home and what they might say.