Red Class and The Three Billy Goats.

Week four took us on an adventure with the three billy goats gruff.

We are so proud of you this week Red Class, your enthusiasm, energy and creativity came shining through.

Thank you to all the Red Class families for all their support.

We started the week with story maps and making menus for the goat cafe.

We made troll wanted posters.

On Wednesday we built bridges and tested their strength.

On Thursday we innovated and made story maps with new characters.

We finished the week with pictures of our new characters on the bridge with a surprise troll inside!

Well done Red Class, you are fantastic!


5G: Sharing our work!

This week has been very busy. We’ve been multiplying, learning stories, investigating materials and LOTS of other things!

We made a text map to help us remember an instruction text. Well done Efrata!
Another great text map from Blenda!
Excellent text map, Koray!
Ellie-May made up some actions to help her remember the text!
Anne created some great pieces of art!

1L’s Teddy Bear Picnic

This week we all wrote to our teddy bears to invite them to 1L’s virtual picnic! We all made our sandwiches together and enjoyed eating together. We had a lovely time!

Thank you to Firdaouz, Kevin and Stephany for these lovely photos!

Thank you to Sayde for sending me your lovely writing.

Red Class and the Three Little Pigs

We have huffed and puffed our way through another brilliant week of remote learning. Well done Red Class we are so proud of you all.

We drew the start of the story with Mummy pig sending the 3 little pigs out.

We built houses and tried to blow them down.

We made puppets to tell the story.

We made new plans to protect the brick house from the wolf.

In PE we went horizontal climbing.

5G working hard!

5G have worked really hard this week and we

have produced some excellent work!

Koray made this fantastic art work which represented the things he liked and the things he needs to show resilience about.
We have been writing our version of ‘The Promise’. Haasya has been working on publishing her excellent story!
Here is the beginning of Summer’s story. What amazing use of language!
This is part of Kai’s story. There are some good similes in here!
Ines has also written an exciting story. Here’s her introduction.
Summer has also been thinking about the things she’s grateful for.
Blenda drew this lovely picture of the view from where she works.
Hawa got creative when she made a book for her ‘Promise’ story!
She also showed great perseverance and skill to draw this perspective drawing!
Another great perspective drawing from Haasya. That tunnel looks scary!
This is a dramatic story from Jamail!
Koray has made a fantastic story with lovely presentation!
Tracey has used language very creatively in her story!
This is a really impressive ending to a story from Haasya!

1S Virtual Picnic

Today we made sandwiches together and enjoyed a picnic. First we invited a guest to our picnic and brought them along with us.

Next we had to make our sandwiches. Some of us went to our kitchen and some of us set up a station at our table. Then we spread the butter on our bread and filled our sandwiches with yummy fillings.

Here are some pictures showing us making our sandwiches and most importantly enjoying them on our virtual picnic.

Red Class and The Gingerbread Man

Wowzers Red Class, another fantastic week of home learning. You are all doing so well, we’re really proud of all of you.

Here is some of the incredible work you have done this week.

This week we have been working on The Gingerbread Man. We told the story with lots of actions, we built up a story map with characters, labels and settings. We drew characters from the story with speech bubbles. Then, at the end of the week we made story maps with our own animals in.

We had a lot of fun with our magical maths remotes, the maths magic was so strong, I got very dizzy from all the spin buttons you were pressing!

Well done Red Class!

5G Learning at home

5G have been working really hard this week!

Ines did this great drawing of a famous London monument. Do you know which one it is?
We have been finding out about the differences between these three states.
We’ve been adding with regrouping- well done Ines!
We have been thinking about our emotions at this tricky time. Blessing drew this ’emotional rollercoaster’ to help her understand her feelings.
Another London landmark from Tracey. Have you ever been on it?
Tracey has also been comparing numbers!
To keep our bodies and minds fresh we’ve been doing some yoga. Blenda invented her own yoga position!
…and so did Tracey!
Ines is practising mental maths!
We have been working up to writing a sequel to ‘The Promise’. Haseeb has been building up a bank of figurative language he could use!
We have been writing a sequel to ‘The Promise’.
Haseeb has been thinking about how we can help each other and ourselves while we are studying at home!
We thought about the things which make us happy and the things which test our resilience. Nice work, Kai!
Well done Ines!