2B’s Toy Exhibition

Over the last couple of weeks, in our English, Science and D&T lessons, we have worked hard to design and make different toys. The toys that we made included a wind sock, spinner AND a Jumping Jack. We also made a non-fiction, instruction book to record the process of how we made our Jumping Jacks. In our Jumping Jack books, you will find a contents page, our designs, instructions AND evaluations!

Today, we had the opportunity to share our work with each other!

Well done 2B for all of your hard work!

2T’s Toy Museum

This term our topic has been ‘Toys’. We have spent lots of time discussing and looking at old and new toys. Recently the children in 2T have worked really hard in English and DT in order to create a Jumping Jack, Spinner and and a non-fiction instruction book to go with the Jumping Jack.

Jumping Jack Books
Jumping Jacks

This morning we set up the classroom like a toy museum. We carefully placed our items out on the tables and then enjoyed looking at each others books and toys. It gave us the opportunity to find out what each other had made and look at each others toys.

A Magical Mess

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! In Purple Class we go out in all weathers. Today, we enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles, sticking our tongues out to feel the rain and experimenting with water flow and colour mixing.

‘This is the best day ever!’ – Xavier

The children explored colour mixing on a large scale. The children made orange, purple, pink and green.

On the art table today we learnt how to use soft pastels.

On the dough table we created rainbow cookies for Santa!

Bee bots – Following instructions

Today we focused on moving the bee bot forwards and backwards following a sequence of instructions. We practised pushing these buttons to make the bee bot move.

Once we had practiced we looked at a set of instructions that were already written. Then we predicted where out bee bot would land after those instructions. We programmed the bee bots to check.