Developing our skills in Woodwork…

Woodwork has many benefits for children’s learning. It is an enjoyable activity and the levels of concentration, engagement and perseverance when working with wood are often unmatched in other activities. 

Woodwork has been helping the children to develop both their gross and fine motor skills e.g., by using a saw, holding a nail in place and using both one-handed and two-handed tools. Hand-eye co-ordination is also developing as children learn to handle tools with increasing control and care.

For pattern week, the children enjoyed creating their own patterns using buttons.

For space week, the children designed their own aliens:

Creating with Clay

Our clay journey began a few weeks ago with the children discovering, playing with and exploring clay. The children have enjoyed first hand ways of working with the clay by pinching, twisting, rolling and poking.

Using clay can connect children to an important natural resource that has been used for the creation of objects for thousands of years. We discovered that clay in the past has been used for containers to store crops, water, seeds; bowls to eat and drink out of and pots to cook with.

The children have enjoyed learning how clay behaves and have started to learn various hand building techniques. The children took a piece of clay 5cm in diameter, rolled the clay into a ball, whilst in the palm of their hand, they used their thumb to pierce a hole in the middle and started to use the technique of ‘pinch and push’ to create a thumb pot or pinch pot.

We celebrated Diwali the Hindu Festival of Light by making diva lamps using the same hand building techniques. We also enjoyed painting and decorating them.

We practised making our clay flat and used other natural materials to create self portraits.

This is Saanjana’s self portrait!

Oisin even made a car and a little person!

Anaise made some teacups

Alberto made a portcullis (castle gate)

We have also enjoyed using tools and different objects from around the class to press and print with.

Can-Do Dinosaurs: What superpower does your dinosaur have?

Red Class looked at non-fiction books about dinosaurs.

We wrote facts about a dinosaur that:


or stood on two legs

or had a long tail

We asked why the dinosaurs looked like this. Look at our facts. Dinosaurs have superpowers!

Guess which number we started with…

Red class can count 1 more than the number we started with. We looked at a number, counted 1 more, then showed the answer on our fingers. Which number did we start with?

Look at the way we made this number. Can you tell what it is?

Did guess it? 11

6L – We have been busy enjoying another week of learning…

Art – Colour mixing & matching using the ‘Double Primary Palette’…

Using a “Double Primary Palette” means reducing the number of colours we work with. It doesn’t mean we are reducing the number of colours we can use. Using a warm and a cool version of each primary colour, plus white and turqoise, means we can mix the full range of hues! We will use these skills when painting our ‘Medusa’ inspired self-portrait.

Maths – identifying the properties of 3D shapes and creating nets…

Science – Investigating a question…Does the length of wire affect how components in a circuit work?

Year 6 – Home Learning 26.11.20

Hello Year 6,

We have been thinking about your Christmas performance this week. COVID-19 restrictions mean we are unable to enjoy many of the things we organise in the run up to the Christmas holiday but that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun. We can’t allow a global pandemic to stop us enjoying ourselves can we? 😁

Our Christmas performance will be virtual this year so you can enjoy watching our performance with your families at home. We need you to get started this weekend by learning the lyrics of this beautiful song.

Visit ‘My Maths’ to see your maths Home Learning. Your spellings are below. Links to your Home Learning can also be found in the ‘Home Learning’ channel on MS Teams.

Have a lovely weekend! Miss Lynch & Miss Felton 😊