Into the Woods…

We have had some bear-tastic fun in Purple Class this week. We have worked hard making our very own bear puppets. We designed costumes for the bears including facemasks ‘so the bears can go to Tescos’.

Here are some of the bears we made!

We have had lots of fun making perfume for the bears. We all worked very hard on developing our hand eye coordination and also building the muscles in our hands by using the one handed tools to crush, scoop, pour and pinch the flowers and scented water into containers.

We played with the chocolate play dough and made an assortment of cookies and biscuit bears.

I would like to remind all parents to please ensure their child comes to school with a named water bottle. Additionally, as the weather is getting colder please make sure your child has a warm coat with their name and class written inside. Book bags must come to school everyday and we would like you to encourage your child to carry them in.

It’s been an absolutely amazing start to the year, your children are flourishing and I look forward to all the time we will be spending together.

Handa’s Surprise

This week we have been reading Handa’s surprise by Eileen Browne. Today we acted out the story. Use the pictures below to tell someone at home the story. We had so much fun we retold the story twice!

This afternoon we tried some of the fruits from the story. We tried a soft yellow banana, ripe red mango, creamy green avocado and purple passion fruit (juice). There was a mixed reaction to some of them but we were fearless and tried new things! Which was your favourite fruit?

Red Class want their hats back!

We’re having a beartastic week in Red Class.

We began the week by reading I Want My Hat Back!

We thought about these questions.

What does the bear’s hat look like?

How does the bear get the hat back?

We drew ourselves in fancy hats.

“I’m in a forest, a dark forest. I’m making a burger here. It’s a chef hat, with my dog.”

“Me and Miss Bell, at the park, playing with lipstick.”

“I’m at the fair, [my hat] it’s very small and there’s a Ferris wheel.”

A number hat

“That’s me, that’s my tree, that’s my forest.”

“That’s my Daddy and me and my baby and something and my Grandmother. In the beach. I don’t need a hat, I don’t have a hat in my home.”

“I’m at a party, my hat is missing. So, I put something else on my head. A heart. That’s a cupcake, those are balloons.”

“I’m at the beach, wearing a flower hat.”

“I’m at the mountains.”

“My mum wearing a hat.”

“It has zig-zags on it. Mountains, sun right there, stepping stones.”

“I’m at the lake. My hat blends in with the sky. It’s an invisible hat. “

Skillful Red Class

Wow! We are great at our writing skills…

This week as well as thinking about owls, and owl facts-we have been counting groups of objects and writing the numbers 1 and 7.

We are thinking about phonics…

Ask us about the ‘s’ and ‘a’ sounds. We found objects in the class that started with these sounds. Can you say what they are?

Check out our writing photos. Which sound are we practising?

Year 1 Home Learning 24.09.20

This week we have been reading the story ‘Dinosaur Roar’. Look on your class blogs to share the story with someone at home. You could choose your own animal to write some sentences about.

E.g Penguin soft, penguin cuddly. Penguin warm, penguin snuggly!

Challenge- Can you think of a sentence that rhymes?

This week you also had passwords for Bug Club and MyMaths sent home in the front of your reading record. Have a go at signing in with them and looking at a book or some of the activities.

Year 1 – Dinosaur ROAR!!

In Year 1, we have been reading the story ‘Dinosaur Roar’.

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We have been thinking about different feelings and emotions. We learnt and retold the story ourselves!

Do you like our actions?

We wrote our own version of Dinosaur Roar and named it ‘1L Roar’. We are keeping our new book in our book corner! We are VERY proud of ourselves!

Here are some dinosaurs in our class…can you recognise the emotion or adjective?

Here are some photos of other activities this week…