5A – Our Final Sharing Assembly

This is our last Sharing Assembly! I hope that you have enjoyed seeing what other children in the class have been doing since we had to leave school – I definitely have.

We only have a couple of things to share but they are good ones:

Erin shared some of her memories from this year:
My favourite memory is…. well actually I have two. My first one is when we made the soups and this one is kinda random but when we were reading flotsam for English and then we had to act it out in groups. Oh, actually i have one more, and when we went to WICK COURT FARMMM! I really liked that.

Thank you for sharing your fantastic drawings! It has been great to see how hard you have been working on your sketching skills.

Even if you haven’t shared today, I hope you have been able to think of some good memories from year 5. Keep busy over the holidays! Read lots, try new things and play outside when you can. I that hope you all have a wonderful summer!

6L A very fond farewell…

Dear 6L,

These last few months have been difficult for you and your families. You will have missed being at school with your friends. You have also missed the chance to enjoy the most exciting months of Year 6 – , school journey, the end of year show, picnic in the park, SAT’s (only joking πŸ˜› ) the boat cruise and countless other events which would traditionally mark and celebrate the end of your time at Holbeach. You will naturally have felt very disappointed to have lost out on the chance to enjoy all these events. We all share your sadness πŸ™

How did you react? Your response in these unprecedented times has been remarkable. You rose to the challenges of virtual learning, continuing to work at home. You stayed home for weeks on end, putting the safety of others ahead of your own wishes and plans. You played your part in helping to protect people in our community. Your sacrifices saved lives. That is an achievement you can always be proud of. πŸ™‚

While the last few months may have been difficult in many ways, I also hope that this time has allowed you to experience something very important about your school days. You have learned that your school is not just a building.

School is where we make friends, work together and discover our talents. School is where we recognise all that we have in common with each other while respecting all the things that make us unique. School is where we came together and we discovered, during these last four months, that we could still do that even when we were apart!

Although we weren’t able to gather to together in school for many, many weeks, we remained connected and united showing that there are things that no virus or lock down can ever take from you including the connection you share with your friends, your teachers and all the staff at Holbeach who have helped you on your way. Your connection to us will always remain. You will always be our Holbeach child. πŸ™‚

In September, you will begin a new and exciting chapter of your lives. I hope that you will be able to look back on your years at Holbeach and smile. Today, as you are say goodbye to your primary school years, I want to wish each and every one of you a future filled with happiness and love. My heart is bursting with pride. I have loved being your teacher. Take care and remember to be kind.

Lots and lots and lots of love , Miss Lynch πŸ™‚

Click here to watch our class video…


Wonderful 1L!

Hello wonderful 1L!

I have been missing everyone else in 1L so much! I wish you had all been in my bubble at school, too!

I am so sad to say that our time together has come to an end and I will miss you all SOOO much!

Unfortunately, our year together was cut far too short and that makes me really sad. However, I am really happy that we got to do so many fun things when we were all altogether and these things still make me really smile. I thought I would share some of my favourite memories with you that cheer me up when I feel sad. Maybe you could share some of your memories by commenting on this post. What a great year we have. We certainly made the most of it. We were so busy!

Do you remember at the beginning of the year we visited the Safari Park and Dinosaur Forest? It was such a long way and took so long to get there as we got stuck behind an emergency on the motorway. Even though we had to wait for so long to get moving, you all behaved beautifully and were very patient. I remember lots of dancing on the coach! When we did arrive, you all certainly made the most of it! Can you remember all the animals and dinosaurs we spotted? It was a lovely day!

Do you remember all these steps?

We have been busy chefs this year. I loved cooking and baking with you all. Do you remember what we made in these photos?

We have had some great role play areas. Do you remember the vets? It was always so busy!

Christmas! My favourite time of the year! You all put on a fantastic show!

We had a party to celebrate our great show!

We have enjoyed walks in the park. You all look very wrapped up in this picture. It must have been Winter!

Dinosaurs! Your models were amazing!

Do you remember the egg drop? we had to make a container which would carry our eggs safely. Do you remember when some eggs went SPLAT! So much fun!

Ahhh the chicks. I loved looking after the chicks with you all. You were all so kind and gentle. Can you remember all of their names? Do you remember why Barney was so special?

Here is a message from Mrs Reeves:

Hi 1L.
As your year in year 1 comes to an end I’d like to share one of my favourite memories with you all. I have so many, from our cooking sessions, to the Christmas performance, to seeing you all so proud of the hard work you produced. I have to say my favourite has to be our Christmas performance shared with 1B. You all worked so hard as a team. Your wonderful singing, and how you all performed your sign language to that beautiful song. It was amazing!
You have all achieved so much this year and you will all continue to shine in year 2. Thank you all for a wonderful year and the memories! Stay safe, love Ms Reeves x

Ahh Ahh Ahhhh!

Here is a message from Mrs Fitzpatrick:

1L, you have been a pleasure to be with for two years. One of my favourite memories is your enthusiasm for growing. Watching the flowers grow and getting so excited when a flower popped out. I will miss reading you stories, especially SUPERTATO. I miss working with you, but I look forward to seeing you at playtime for catch-ups. From Mrs Fitzpatrick

Here is a message from Miss Abbott:

I have enjoyed Year One this year, watching you grow.
One of my favourite memories is when we cooked eggs and how much you loved eating them, wanting more.
Another is how excited you all were when I came in on Monday to tell me about our hatched chicks.
I will miss what a caring class you are,all looking after each other.
Wishing you all the best in year 2 see you all in the playground
Love Ms Abbott

1L, have a fabulous time in Year 2 and please let us know about all the wonderful things you get up to!

Last but not least.. here are LOADS of photos to enjoy! What great memories!

Y4 Final Sharing Assembly

Good afternoon Year 4!

So it is time for our final sharing assembly of the year! A time to celebrate all the fantastic work you have done during your time in Year 4, both in school and at home.

The work you have sent over the last few months have really made all of us smile, and we are all very proud.

Have a safe and restful break over the summer, and we look forward to seeing you in September, when you return to Year 5.

Miss Ashby, Miss Simpson, Mr Bothick