Sharing Assembly Coming Soon!

Don’t forget it’s Sharing Assembly tomorrow. Send a picture of your favourite piece of work by 3:30pm today so that it can be included when it goes live at 9am. If you have several pieces of work, you could make a collage picture like Anya did last week so your friends can see all the different things you have been doing at home.

6F – Sharing our Learning

Hello 6F! Hope you’re all well!

Thank you so much to the people who have already emailed their learning from this week – it’s so nice to see what you have been up to!

If you haven’t already, please take a photo of something that you have done this week. It doesn’t just have to be tasks off the distance learning sheet – it could be some baking, gardening, art or craft that you have been doing. You could even send some music or a video that you have made!

This is the email you need:

Get an adult to help if you’re not sure how to.

It’s Thursday!

Hello 4S,

This week, I have been super busy doing a ton of DIY at home. I have painted my windows, put together a new table and chairs, dismantled and put together a bed and fixed a few cupboards in my kitchen. I reckon I could make a cameo appearance on Bob the Builder at this rate. But, the most fun I have had this week is learning how to sing this song by Nat King Cole

I wanted to remind you all to keep sending in your work and letting me know about all the amazing things you are doing at home so that I can put it up on the blog for all to see each Friday. I hope you are all well and I look forward to sharing your work tomorrow.

Home Learning

Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all well. Today’s math activities can be accessed on the following links:

If you would like a challenge then please click on the link below:

Please watch the Bad Tempered Laybird:

What happens when the ladybird meets the whale?

What did the ladybird do when the whale did not answer her?

Do you think the whale could hear the ladybird? Why not?

What happened when the ladybird reached the whale’s fin?

Where do we find the ladybird at the end of the story?

Ask your child to draw the story. This doesn’t have to be detailed, it might be that your child draws a couple of the characters and writes some speech bubbles about what the characters are saying to each other.

The ladybird in the story was a very grumpy bug! Ask your child to be a friendly ladybird and do three kind things for someone in your house. You could have ago at drawing some ladybirds and labeling the features.

Please keep up with the daily tasks.

  • Log on to phonics Bug Club to access our e-reading books. (It is essential that this is done regularly, so that your child continues to make progress with their reading.)
  • Practise writing your first and second name.
  • Practise writing tricky words: the, I, my, so, no, go, by, me, be, he, she, we, was, like, said, you and put.
  • Practise write letter shapes.
  • Write numbers to 20
  • Practise counting to 50 and counting objects to 20
  • Please practise the days of the week and the months of the year
  • Enjoy a bedtime story

It is important that your child practises and applies their phonic skills daily. Use the website below to play games and make resources.

Tomorrow’s virtual sharing assembly

Good morning 4A! We’ve nearly made it to the end of another week of our new normal. I hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe.

If there is anything you would like me to share on the blog for our virtual sharing assembly, then don’t forget to email it to me today at our class email address:

I really enjoy seeing all the things that you’re up to and hearing about them too. Some of you have been fantastic and sending me lots of photos and keeping in touch. For those of you that I haven’t heard from, now’s the time! It would be really lovely to hear from you, and I know Miss Gonzalez feels the same way.

Miss Ashby 🙂

Helping at Home

Hi Nursery,

I hope you’re being helpful at home?

Here are some suggesions on how you can help your families.

-Sorting washing : Can you sort everyones clean clothes into piles?

-Pairing socks: Match the socks and put them into pairs.

-Count out items for dinner: Daddy needs 5 potatoes, can you count them

-Sweeping with a dustpan and brush: You were great at this during nursery tidy up time!

-Butter your toast

-Tidy away your toys: (parents give specific instructions eg. put the lego into the box.)

If the children need some motivation to tidy their toys you could play our nursery tidy up song. It makes them tidy really fast!

Include as much learning into the children’s everyday lives as you can. Count stairs as you climb them, talk about what is happening in books and on the TV, draw and mark make everyday, talk about shapes and colours.

All of their learning can be done through play, stories and talking to them.