Creative writing

I thought I’d share the creative writing stimulus we’ve used in school today, as it really made me smile. If you use it, please email me your work, I would love to see it and put it up on the blog for other people to read.

Good morning KS2! I hope you’re all well and looking after yourselves 🙂

Miss Ashby

Calling 5A!

Good morning, 5A! How are you all? You’ve been very quiet on the blog and I really want to know what you’ve all been up to! This weekend, I baked some cookies and made some pancakes. What did you do?

I hope you’ve been enjoying working through the assignments we have been setting for you. We will be having a class ‘sharing assembly’ on the blog on Friday where I will share your favourite pieces of work that you have completed so far, but I will need you to send it to me! It could be your map of Africa, a video of your PE dance routine, a maths activity, your pizza making instructions or anything else from the last two weeks – it’s your choice.

We now have an special email address just for this reason. Take a photo of your work and send it to by Thursday afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Dance workout

We couldn’t get the Body Coach on YouTube in school today, so we did Oti Mabuse’s Jungle Book dance class! It’s a good little work out, and it gets your brain thinking (especially if your co-ordination isn’t particularly good, like me!).

Why not have a go yourself?

Let’s get cooking!

Who has been doing some cooking at home?

This weekend I made some Banana bread, popcorn, and healthy flap jacks. Both were really easy to make and didn’t need too many ingredients.

The children can help to weigh and measure the ingredients which is great for maths development.

Cooking doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I’m sure the children would love to help prepare dinner! They have been getting really good at using a butter knife to cut soft foods such as mushrooms and cucumber. This really helps their motor skills.

Let me know what you’ve all been doing. Email pictures to