Plastic Information

This term in Science we have been looking at Uses of Everyday materials. We have looked at why certain items are made from specific materials and the uses of them. We also looked at how we can reuse and recycle materials to reduce waste.

This week we looked in more detail at plastic. We started the week by researching facts about plastic and then created our own lift the flap information posters. You can see them below:

The children worked really hard to learn and remember the facts. They did a brilliant job at using accurate information and illustrated them beautifully.

Home learning – 27th Feb – Year 4

This half term we will be looking at the digestive system.

As a project over the next few weeks, we would like you to make a display showing how the digestive system works.

You could show this in whatever way you want.

It could be a diagram, a model, a PowerPoint presentation, or any interesting way of presenting your work. Be creative about how you could demonstrate your learning.

The 9th of March is also Commonwealth day. Can you find the Commonwealth countries on the map?