Culture Week in Purple Class

This week we have enjoyed celebrating our amazing and diverse community. It has been such an exciting and busy week for everyone involved. Each class spent the week finding out about a different country, including food, art, music and physical geography.

Purple class enjoyed learning all about the country Somalia!

Somalia Flag | Buy Flag of Somalia | The Flag Shop
We looked at different flags from around the world and talked about why flags are important. We talked about the children’s own heritage (family history) and made different flags to represent some of the different countries from around the world.

Food tasting was a fun way to introduce the country Somalia:

We learnt how to weave:

We looked at Somalian fabric and designed our own vibrant patterns:

A huge thank you to Rohan’s mum who visited the Reception classes to share a story with us that was read to her when she was a little girl! You can watch a version of this story below.

On Friday children had the opportunity to dress in national dress, clothes that represent their country or the country they have been learning about in class. We ended Culture Week with a parade around the school.

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