Year 4 Tudor Banquet

A huge thank you to all the mums, dads and carers who were able to join us for our Tudor Banquet today. We were able to celebrate all the hard work the children have put in over the last 10 weeks, and we really enjoyed sharing it with you all.

(Thank you to Mr Bothick who gave Miss Ashby a crash course on compressing a video! Who knew it was so easy?!)


2B’s Toy Exhibition!

After many weeks of hard work and preparation in our English, D&T and Science lessons, we were finally ready to show our toy designs, instruction books and toys at our Toy Exhibition! Take a look at our photos below…

A HUGE thank you to all of the adults who came and showed their support! And a SPECIAL thank you to 1B, who also came to our Toy Exhibition after our adults had left.

WELL DONE 2B for all of your hard work!

Let’s make pizza!

The children initiated a game of pizza making with the play dough. We decided to make some real pizzas that we could eat!

Together we thought of some toppings that we might like on our pizza. We wrote lists and made pizzas in our creative area.

We carefully spread tomato puree with a knife and chopped some vegetables. Next we grated and sprinkled on some cheese.


Year 2 Home Learning

This week we have been learning about money. We have been identifying coins and ordering them.

Look at the coins below, can you name them all and put them in order from least to most value?

Image result for uk coins

Can you combine them to make different amounts? How many different ways can you make 20p, 35p, 18p, 50p? You could choose some of your own amounts to make.

You can also play this game to make totals.