Programming Bee Bots

Last term in, our computing lessons, we learnt how to programme movable toys called bee bots. We started off by making sure we could give clear instructions to our friends to more safely around the classroom and library. One of us closed our eyes and the other person had to listen carefully to the instructions.

Then we programmed the bee bots to move around the classroom. Making sure we reset the bee bot before each new instruction.

In our next lesson we then designed our own bee bot mats. These had to be measured and divided up into a grid so that each square represented the same size as one movement forward on the bee bot.

Once we had finished our bee bot mats, we were ready to programme the bee bots, to move from a starting point to an end point. Then in our final lesson we wrote down our algorithms to see if our partner could follow them and get the bee bot to move from one place on the mat to another.

Making Challah Bread

Last term in RE, 2T were learning all about Judaism. They have learnt about the Jewish faith, culture, traditions and stories.

To celebrate Shabbat and other important Jewish ceremonial occasions, Jewish people would typically make some bread, called Challah.

Mrs Tierney, Mrs Sim and 2T all had a go at making some Challah bread and they also specially decorated some plates for the occasion.