2S – Bee bots!

Today Miss Spicer cast a magic spell and turned us all into bee bots!! We couldn’t move without being programmed by our partner.

This term we will become computer programmers, we will be exploring using the bee bots further and learn to program roamers too.

We had a look at bee bots and roamers to compare the similarities and differences.

We refreshed our memories of how to use the bee bots, using the bee bots and our partner bee bots.

Finally we were ready to take on the bee bot challenge! We had to give our partner bot a set of instructions to get them around the different challenge courses.

2S Class Agreement

We have had a great start to the new school year in 2S! We are excited about our new classroom and topic.

To ensure that we make the most of all learning opportunities in Year 2 we have been talking about how we can create a safe, happy and engaging classroom environment for us all to be successful learner in.

After these discussions we created and signed our classroom contract, see below.

Can you share the classroom contract with someone at home? How will this contract help you to learn lots and enjoy being in the classroom at school?

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