Exploring Habitats – 2S

This week we have begun looking at and describing different habitats.

On Wednesday we learnt about 4 different types of habitat:

  • Urban habitat
  • Woodland habitat
  • Coastal habitat
  • Pond habitat

Can you describe the habitats that we looked at? What animals/plants live their and why?

Today we explored our local habitat. We went to Ladywell fields to identify trees and flowers as well as name some geographical features.

As it was such a lovely day and to celebrate all the hard work we have done so far this term we had a treat on our trip to the park!

Home Learning 24.05.19

Next half term we will be exploring minibeasts and their habitats.

Over the half term can you find out interesting facts about a minibeast of your choice?

You could visit the library to research in a book, use the internet for research or ask someone at home what they know.

Image result for minibeasts

You could find out what they eat, where they live, what they look like and any other interesting facts.

You can choose how to present your information. Here are some ideas:

  • Make an information poster
  • Write an information book
  • Draw and label a picture of your minibeast

3B – Horton Kirby

3B Had an exciting day at Horton Kirby, learning all about the life of an Evacuee during World War Two.

We learned some information about the history of the village during the War and pretended that we were children from that period of history. We were taught a lesson in the 1940’s style, but had to leave the classroom when the air raid siren went!

After visiting the air raid shelter, we went for a walk around the village, before trying out some traditional games in the playground.

Home Learning – 16.5.19 – Setting Description

This week, we would like you to spend some time looking in detail at a room of your house. Imagine it is a scene from a story. How would you describe it? Using descriptive language, write a paragraph in the past tense, describing the room as if it was part of a longer story.


Cautiously, I stepped into the bedroom. It was _____, _______ and ________. There was __________, ____________ and ____________. In the corner, _____________.

summer 4 setting

Reading stories to Purple Class and Albert the cat!

We have been working hard on our new versions of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Today we read them to Purple Class and Albert the cat. Thank you for listening so well RW and Albert!

Thank you Anna-Clara for the lovely bed you made and brought in for Albert!

Albert might have job in the office now…