Year 3 Home Learning 25th April 2019


We practised ordering numbers.

How many numbers can you make using these digits?

6     7    8

Put them in order from smallest to greatest.

Our new topic is ‘Dig For Victory’.

Practise these useful spellings (can you find out what the words mean?)

Evacuation    Evacuee   

Ration         Rationing   

Air raid shelter   World War Two        

Choose a times table and write the ‘family’ for each fact e.g 6 x 2 = 12

So:  2 x 6 = 12,  12 ÷ 2 = 6 and 12 ÷ 6 =2


We are Cryptographers

5C began a new unit of work for Computing today in which we will be learning to program secret message encryption software in Scratch.

Linking with our topic ‘The Roman Invasion’, we began by looking at how ancient civilisations might have sent messages quickly and efficiently over long distances, and using semaphore, had a go at sending and receiving our own messages.

IMG_20190425_150018 IMG_20190425_150450 IMG_20190425_150558 IMG_20190425_150608

Year 2 Home Learning 25.04.19

This week we have been using money to problem solve. Look at the coins below, can you name them all?

Image result for uk coins

Imagine you are going to the bakery. You have 1 silver coin. What items could you buy? What if you chose a different silver coin, what could you buy then?

Image result for ks1 shop prices

Choose 2 items or 3 items from the bakery. How much would they cost altogether?

*Challenge* – Can you find change? Choose a silver coin and then choose an item to buy. Use an empty numberline to subtract the price from the amount of the coin.

E.g: Use the numberline to say the answer below.