Home Learning – Year 1

This week, we have been using adjectives and verbs to write poems about penguins and other birds!

Can you write a poem all about spring? Take a look at the pictures from our Spring Walks to remind you of the signs of spring!

What adjectives and verbs can you use to describe what we see and hear during spring? Bring your poem in so you can share it with the rest of your class!

Fire Brigade Visit

On Monday Year Two had a very special visit from the Lewisham Fire Brigade. They came along with two of their fire engines, which they drove onto the playground!

2T were lucky enough to go outside first and have a look at the fire engine in more detail. The children got to see all the equipment behind the shutters, climb on board and have a look at all the gadgets. Then everyone got to try a helmet on. Once the children had climbed out the other side they each had a turn using the hoses. It was a lot of fun.

After this we all went inside and met Mark and Mustafa, who taught us all about fire safety.

It was a fantastic visit enjoyed by everyone.

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Year 2 Home Learning 28.03.19

This week in Year 2 we have been practising telling the time.

We looked at the minute hand and hour hand. We have been talking about where the minute hand is for o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times.

Image result for clocks

Can you use your fantastic maths vocabulary to tell someone at home the time on the clock and how you know?

Record things that you do at certain times.

*Challenge – Can you record the time that you started an activity and then the time it ended. How long did the activity take you? 

E.g – Miss Spicer started cooking dinner at 6 o’clock. She was ready to eat at quarter to 7. How long did it take her to cook her dinner?

Image result for spaghetti bolognese