Raising Money for The Friends of Holbeach


Team Holbeach Big Halfers’s story

We are a team of Holbeach teachers, parents, governors and friends, and we are running the Big Half, half marathon to raise funds for Friends of Holbeach. This money will be used to help all the wonderful pupils of Holbeach Primary School, making sure they can all go on trips, have a well-stocked library, a leafy playground and access to decent equipment. All schools are currently suffering from cuts at the moment, so it is even more crucial that we help our school by helping with the things that the budget just won’t stretch to anymore.Please sponsor us and help our lovely kids get the facilities they deserve.

Click Here to Sponsor: wonderful.org/fundraiser/holbeachdoesthebighalf-ba33fe22


Daffodil Growing Competition

IMG_4808 IMG_4807 IMG_4801 IMG_4705 IMG_4702 IMG_4700

Did you know that today (March 1st) is St David’s Day and that St David is the patron saint of Wales? Did you know that the daffodil is one of the traditional flowers displayed on St David’s day?

On Wednesday, the Holbeach School Council helped to organise the school’s annual ‘Daffodil Growing Competition’ and invited children from across the school to bring in the daffodils that they have been growing at home.

We gave out 124 pots and 250 bulbs in October 2018, and then on 27th February 2019, 54 flower pots were brought into school, in the various stages of growth to be judged by a lady called Barbara Nella from the London Children’s flower society. She awarded 26 children the Gold Certificate 15 children the Silver certificate and 13 children the Bronze certificate. Well done everyone. Keep growing!


The Little Red Hen: Making Bread!

This week, we received a letter from the mother of our chicks, Mother Hen. In the letter, she told us how upset she was that nobody would help her make bread for her chicks! As a class we decided that we would help her and make some bread for her chicks AND for ourselves!

Some of us also independently made ‘Recipe Maps’ to help us remember the instructions.

Can you remember the ingredients we used? What were the steps needed to make the bread? Use the pictures and Recipe Maps to help you.

BBC 500 Words Competition

On Wednesday, I did an assembly about the short story writing competition that BBC Radio Two is holding. We heard Honey’s exciting story; The Escape of the Chicken Nuggets. 

Lots of you have already read their story to me or told me what you are going to write about, and they sound wonderful! Comment below if you have a great idea for a story too.

Here is a bit more information about how to enter and the prizes:

500 Words

And here are some of the previous winner for a bit of inspiration:

500 Words Winners

Come and talk to me if you need to help submitting your story on the website!

Happy writing!

Miss Felton


Cicada Retellings

In Literacy, we read the book Cicada by Shaun Tan and we were inspired to write our own versions of the story.

In our writing, we wanted to create a vivid image for the audience, to go alongside Tan’s amazing illustrations.We also really wanted to warn people about bullying.

To make the films, we got into pairs and filmed each other using the iPads. Once we’d finished reading our stories, we used the iMovie app to upload the videos and inserted images from the book. If there were any mistakes in the videos, we could edit them out at that stage. We also thought about the transitions between the images and videos, and how to make them interesting for the viewer.

We hope you enjoy them!




Dragon Week

This week we have been exploring the topic of ‘Dragons’ using our core book ‘George and the dragon’.

IMG_7585 IMG_7579


We made dragon eggs!

Sarah and Kitty decided to make a nest for their eggs.


The children enjoyed playing with the wooden blocks and small world dragons and princesses. Outside the children used the large scale equipment to make dens to hide in, so they wouldn’t be captured by any dragons flying over. They also made castles and caves using the equipment…


We have been enjoying the sunshine this week and have been painting outside…


Daniel wrote a story all about dragons!


Kitty drew a beautiful picture of her dragon…


Year 6 Home Learning Spring 2 Week 1 – Panda Text

Hello Year 6,

As you know, we are learning to write non-chronological reports this week. We are using this report on Panda’s as our model text. Here is a copy so you can practice at home. Don’t forget to keep using the actions until you are confident without them. We are going to story map the text on Monday so make sure you are ready! 🙂