Welcome to the Jungle!

This morning we start a new topic! Please watch the following story.

What jungle animals would you like to meet in the jungle? Make a list of your favourite ones, remember: “Say the word, stretch it out and write the sounds you hear”.

Find out what the word camouflage means. Now find places around your house or garden where one of your toys can be camouflaged. Take photos and ask a member of your family if they can spot your toy in the picture!

Draw a picture of your favourite jungle animal. Make a fact file about your animal. What information do you need to include e.g. diet, location, predators etc.

Daily Maths: You will need a pen and a piece of paper. Try to draw the problem, solve it and write the number sentence.

A herd of 6 elephants joins up with another herd of 4.

How many elephants altogether?

7 tigers run through the forest, 6 leave to find water – How many are left?

7 snakes are slithering through the sand, they join a group of 7 more – How many snakes altogether?

14 meerkats are foraging for food, an eagle flies over and 4 run away – How many are left?

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