Veggies Assemble

Our brave superhero is back! In the story “Supertato Veggies Assemble” all the veggies become super! Why not make your own veggies at home into superheroes? Don’t forget your superhero cape! Give your super veggie a name.
Can you take a picture and list your veggie’s super powers. What might these be?
For example,
1. Super shrinking power.
2. Power to make people dance.
3. Super tickler!

Or…would you prefer your veggies to be evil like the pea – a villain!
What would your evil powers be?

Maths Challenge: Potato Pattern Prints Create potato pattern art by printing with your potatoes! Use different colours to make patterns. You might want to assemble other veggies and use them to print with!

If you can, pick potatoes of different sizes so you can talk about large and small designs.
If using other veg talk about what size and shape you think that might make e.g. a carrot, a circle – a big circle at the top and a little one if we use the bottom.
Find some colours of paint and some paper to print on.
Get printing, talking about position, printing in groups, use of colour, shape and how much space between your prints.

Talk about how to make patterns looking at colour and shape. Can you make a repeating pattern. Such as by colour, for example, yellow green, yellow green ,yellow green. Or by size, big little, big little, big little. It’s important to use pattern examples with 3 units of repeat like this.
Can you fit shapes together in different ways?
Grown ups you can also help to make more complex shape printers by cutting the veg a bit more!

Try making patterns with things from around your house! On your walk today, see if you can find any patterns whilst out and about.

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