Tuesday Home Learning

Talk to your child about how to stay healthy, superheroes need to stay in tip top condition, can you design a healthy meal for a superhero!

Can you design and make a trap for the Evil Pea!

Maths Challenge – you will need a pack of cards or a set of cards from 0 -9

Place all the cards face down, take turns to try and collect pairs of cards which total 10. The person with the most pairs at the end is the winner.

Draw 10 fluffy round clouds and turn them into simple little sheep. If you have any cotton wool balls and glue you could stick them on to make them extra fluffy. Cut out your 10 sheep. Put them in a line and count them making
sure you say 1 number name for each sheep counting left to right. Using your shape and construction skills, use any of your construction toys at home to design a sheep pen to keep them all safe in. Keep them in the pen (don’t let them escape!) Use your sheep to work out the pairs of numbers which make 10 by moving one out of the pen at a time eg. 9 +1 =10, 8 +2- 10 saying each number sentence as you go.

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