Tuesday Home Learning- How to be a Lion

Where have you heard the word ‘different’ before?

What makes you different?

What makes you special?

Why should we celebrate difference?

Discuss how you are different from each other. You can use the following sentence starters to help you:

I am different because of the way I look (e.g. I have brown eyes etc.) … I am different because my favourite things are …I am different because my least favourite things are …I am different because my talents are …I am different because my family is ..

Imagine you are a LION. What would you be like? What do we normally expect a lion to be like? Choose some words from the words below. Explain why you have chosen your words.

Scary, gentile, fierce, angry, strong, meek, ferocious, powerful,

Look at the illustration of Leonard the lion from How To Be a Lion. How is Leonard different from what you expected?

Ed Vere on Twitter: "Quietly announcing... 'How to be a Lion' June ...

Complete the sentence below with four different endings. You can either speak them out loud, or write your ideas down.

Leonard the lion is different to what I expected because…

He is ….

Ed Vere — THE BOOK BLOG — North Somerset Teachers' Book Award

 Leonard has met with the angry lions. How have the other lions made Leonard feel? Make a list of five words to describe his emotions in the illustration: (e.g. Sad)

How to Be a Lion by Ed Vere- read by Mr. Doyle - YouTube

What is happening here? How do the other lions feel about Leonard not being fierce? Discuss which characters are loud in the illustration, and which are quiet. Why is this important?


Please complete lesson 2 :

Maths Challenge:

Write out the numbers 0-20 on some paper or card, cut them up and then ask a grown- up to mix the numbers up – don’t peek! Then, see how quickly you can put them into the correct order. You could ask someone to time you and then see if you can get faster when you try again. Try sorting the numbers into odd and even. try making a number line with all the even numbers, do you notice anything?

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