The Selfish Crocodile

  • Why was the crocodile selfish?
  • Have you been selfish before?
  • Why do you think the Crocodile did not want to share the water?
  • What if no one helped the crocodile in the end what might have happened

Talk about how the crocodile had a bad tooth and encourage your child to think about what he may have done for it to get so bad. Talk about what your child needs to do to look after their teeth e.g. brushing for 2 minutes twice a day, avoiding sugary foods/drinks, drinking water etc

Can you make a poster to show how to take good care of your teeth?

  • Why is it important to take care of our teeth?
  • How do you take care of your teeth?
  • What foods are bad for our teeth?
  • How long should you brush your teeth for?
  • Focus: practise using your phonic knowledge to sound out longer words e.g.toothbrush: t-oo-th-b-r-u-sh

Can you make a model of a crocodile with HUGE sharp teeth?

Cheap and cute alligator craft made with egg cartons. | Egg carton ...
Jumble Tree: Mr Croc - egg carton crocodile

Maths Challenge:

Make 8:

There are lots of ways to make 8 e.g. 5+3, 4+4, 6 +2 etc. How many different ways can you make 8 using your fingers!?

Can you make the following amounts: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10. Try and record your work in some way, it could be drawing pictures, writing number sentences or using concrete objects and taking photos.

Thank you to all the parents who have been sending their child’s work in! It has been so nice seeing all the hard work and effort you are putting in and the brilliant work the children are producing too.

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