Monday – Home Learning

Feely Bag Fun!

Create a feely bag by using a cereal box or an empty pillow case (please no plastic bags) and fill it with items from around the house. It must be a bag that your child cannot see through. Invite your child to explore using their senses. Encourage your child to think about texture and descriptive terms for the objects. Are they bumpy, bubbly, coarse or furry? Children can develop a wide vocabulary by thinking about different texture words. You can use this activity to try and match different items. Can you find two objects that are bumpy or two that are smooth? You could go on a treasure hunt around your home, searching for metals/plastic/fabric. Perhaps you could use a bag or a box to store all the treasures you have found. What colour are they? You may decide to create your own treasure map with hidden treasure at the end. Talk about and try to locate things that are natural materials, e.g. wooden items, shells, sand, rocks, wall, leaves, etc. Can you find man-made materials, e.g. plastic?

Speaking and listening:

Make a telephone out of 2 plastic cups and a piece of string. Decorate your telephones and then have a chat with someone in your house.


Make a TV out of a cardboard box then put on a show for the people in your house.

Maths Challenge:

  • Go on a colour treasure hunt! Can you find all the things that are green?
    Are they all the same? Some will be mint green, emerald green,dark green, etc.
  • Find your dolls, teddies, play figures etc. Line them up from the tallest to the shortest.
  • How tall are you? Can you measure your height? Young children often like playing with tape measures. Let them just experience and explore. They could also play with rulers and see how long things are.
  • Which things are larger than e.g. a cow? Could it be a bus, a whale, a house, a car etc? Make a list or draw things.


Below is a brillaint website from the DFE all about phonics:

Please complete the following lesson.

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