Hello again!

I hope everyone is having a good day.

I have more pictures of your classmates to share with you.

Vernan has been learning about the solar system.

What a fabulous drawing of the planets revolving around the sun.
And what great writing – you have written the names of the 8 planets in the order they are from the sun. Good job Vernan!

Prince and Korotoum have been in school with me this week. It has been very strange being in Red Class without you guys being there with us!

Korotoum enjoyed icing her biscuit.
So did Prince!
Mmmm mmm! It looks delicious!
Prince has also enjoyed experimenting with mixing different coloured food colourings in water.

That’s it for now… but please keep the photos coming – I love them!

Email is: redclasslearning@Holbeach.Lewisham.sch.uk

Stay safe and stay amazing!

Lots and lots of love,

Ms Lowinger xxx

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