I hope you are all ok.

It was so good to speak to some of you recently and to hear your voices. I will phone the rest of you on Monday and see how you are doing.

In the mean-time please send me some photos so I can see what you are up to – and how much you have grown!

My email is redhomelearning@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk

Here are some of Sayde. She has been extremely busy!

Great name writing Sayde
Sayde experimented by adding different acids to cabbage water.
Wow! Look at all the different colours she made!
Sayde also made some multicoloured gems. Aren’t they fab!

Akif has also been very busy at home. He has been learning about spiders.

What a fabulous drawing of a spider Akif! It looks so realistic!
It looks like you worked really hard on it.
Wow! And look at that wonderful writing Akif! You must be very proud of yourself.

I miss you all so much!

Please send me more photos. I love seeing what you have been getting up to.

Bye bye for now. Lots and lots of love to you all,

Ms Lowinger xxx

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