Friday – Mixed!

In the beginning, there were three colors . . .



and Blues.

Make your own colours by mixing paints, pastels or crayons. Can you name your new colours e.g. sunshine yellow, elephant grey etc

Use the art style in the beginning pages of the book to draw your own town and then add a few pops of colour.


Maths Challenge

Using sweets/biscuits/objects have a tea party. Ask your child to give x amount to each person/teddy and then discuss who has more, who has less, how do you know? Is that fair/equal?

Create a numberline to 10 using individual cut up squares.

Children then need to order the numbers.

Play games: ask them to show you the number than is one more/less than x or remove a square and get them to identify which number is missing.

Physical Fun

In a park or garden, why not try some of these fun challenges:

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