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Maths Challenge:

The size of objects found at the bottom of Billy’s bucket gradually get larger, from ‘little shrimpy things’ to pilchards, and eventually to submarines and whales, which are obviously far too huge to fit in a real bucket. Use the story to investigate and order the capacity of different sized containers from around the home. Start by predicting which container will hold the most and which will hold the least. Can you describe and compare the capacity of the four containers using empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full, or full?

Next, have a go at estimating how many toys you could fit in a container. How many buttons can you fit in? Would it be the same number with other objects? Can you tell me how you know? How can you record your findings?

What animals would you like to find at the bottom of a sea bucket. Draw a large circle on a piece of paper and ask your child to draw the various sea creatures that they would like to see. What else might you find at the bottom of a sea bucket e.g. seaweed, mermaid, treasure chest, shipwreck etc.

Under The Sea Kids Wall Paper | Nichemark

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