Are you Brave?

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What Is Max Like?

Discuss what “characters” are and how we learn about them from what they do and say in a story. Who is the main character of Max the Brave? Ask your child to describe Max. What does he look like? What sorts of things can he do? What does he like? What does he not like? What challenges does Max encounter and how does he respond? Are there any other characters in this book?

Fine Motor Skill Challenges:

  • How many paperclips can you join together?
  • Can you collect 10 pieces of pasta and 5 peas from a tray using a teaspoon or tweezers?
  • How many buttons can you fasten?
  • How many beads, buttons or pasta pieces can you thread on a lace or string? Can you make a pattern using different colours?
  • How quickly can you do zips up on a coat?
  • Pick up dominoes and make a long line next to each other, then have fun knocking them down!
  • Use your fingers to create a painting
  • Use pegs to hang out washing on a washing line
  • Sort coins into different groups. Then use money to post coins into a money box. 

Create a nature diary – go to the same place and record what you see and how it is changing. You can take a photo, draw a picture or write about it!

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