Goodbye 6F!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful (if a little weird) year!

You are an amazing group of people and I genuinely can’t wait to see what you all become! I can safely say that I will never forget you!

Be brave, be kind, work hard!

All my love, Miss Felton

One thought on “Goodbye 6F!”

  1. Hi Miss Felton,
    I already miss the school and you as well. I thought it was just a long time break BUT IT WAS A FOREVER BREAK. BYE I’m sorry if it didn’t turn out great. but I hope it would be an even better class on September this year I’m sorry for you and the class that we had the weirdest year ever for Holbeach, or as I think it IS the weirdest ive been through. well hope I see you somewhere and recognise you hehe I think I would hope to see you somewhere around mis Felton. BYE miss.

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