Yr 6 Mental Health Awareness Week

As you know, this week is ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ – a chance to focus on your mind and a chance to find out how you can look after your mind. The theme this year is simply ‘ kindness‘. Let’s begin by being kind to ourselves!

Do something you’re good at…

What do you love doing? What activities can you lose yourself in? Enjoying yourself helps beat stress. Doing an activity you enjoy probably means you’re good at it and achieving something boosts your self-esteem.

Spend at least 30 minutes today on something you are good at like dancing, gaming, drawing, cooking, football, singing, solving puzzles, washing dishes*, reading, hair dressing – its your choice!

Doing something you are good at can help you forget your worries for a while and change your mood.

Have fun! πŸ™‚

*I was joking about washing dishes – just checking you are paying attention to what you are reading – unless you are good at washing dishes – which you might be! πŸ˜›

6 thoughts on “Yr 6 Mental Health Awareness Week”

  1. Hello Krystal,
    How are you?
    Unlike you and Mrs Lynch, I like washing dishes because it helps me relax. I love the sound and feel of the warm running water and I can think about anything or listen to music while doing it. Also, the result is immediate and very satisfying. I can certainly think of worse chores!

    1. Great to hear you are well, Krystal!
      I am fine and trying to keep busy.
      It’s nice reading children’s responses on the blog although of course, I’d prefer to see you all in person.

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