5D Sharing Assembly

Good morning everyone. We are getting close to the end of term and the end of Year 5! Awwwwh!

So now, we only have the thrills and excitement of a few more sharing assemblies to go! Awwwwh!

So here’s this week’s…

Annabel retells the story of the founding of Rome. She showed great insight in her comments about this story on the blog this week.
Ilaja had some good thoughts about the story too.
Azaan, as usual, had a busy week. So here’s the Azaan ‘Busy Bundle’ of work!
An all-maths ‘Busy Bundle’ from Amy. Thank you, Amy
A s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g ‘Busy Bundle’ from Angelika.

A mosaic and origami bundle, also from Angelika.
History professor, Nitin, decided to study Roman time telling.
Before making his own water clock…
… and decorating his home Roman style!

Of course, doing some Roman numeral work needs some research first. Otherwise, Nitin says, where’s the fun?

Once again, Nitin has been a busy bee. So this must be his… wait for it… ‘Busy Bumble’! Ta!Da!

Thanks to everyone who contributed this week.

Stay Safe,

Mr Davis.

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