Year 5 English 02.07.2020

Write a diary entry of the day Faustulus found the boys and took them back to his home. Use the pictures above to structure your writing.

Write in role from the perspective of Faustulus, Romulus or Remus.

Use this diary writing checklist to make sure you have included all the important features of diary writing.

6 thoughts on “Year 5 English 02.07.2020”

    1. Good Morning Annabel,
      How are you on this bright and breezy morning?
      You are writing ‘in role’ today so you have to choose a character from the story and write from their perspective.
      I hadn’t thought of writing as the wolf or the wolf cub – that’s a brilliant idea!!!
      Who will you be?
      Miss Lynch 🙂

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier.
    I actually saw it said that I can be ‘the Shepard’ ‘Remus’ or ‘Romulus’. I picked Remus. He didn’t deserve to die. I didn’t like Romulus… i could see he was thinking more of himself in the video. It didn’t say but I sensed it!

    1. No need to apologise – I know you are busy in school.
      You are making some very insightful observations about this story.
      Your comments are really making me think.
      You were outraged when Romulus killed is own brother…why?
      Miss Lynch 🙂

      1. Yeah the thing I am really annoyed by is that Romulus killed Remus and then when Romulus dies he becomes a god! How is that fair!
        If I hadn’t done Faustulus then I would of done Remus. He is my favourite character. I only did the Shepard because I wanted to see things from HIS point of view.

        1. Examining stories from different perspectives is a great life skill.
          Helps you understand other peoples point of view.
          Annabel suggested writing from the wolfs perspective…I thought that was interesting.
          I hadn’t even thought about her.
          She must have been devastated when Faustulus took the boys 🙁

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