Year 3 Virtual Sharing Assembly

Asher has been doing his maths and trying the Brain Teasers too.
We did the celery experiment in school and ii worked really well! You can see how the water traveled all the way up to the celery leaves.
Tyler did the celery experiment too.
Leah created a wonderful troll and described it. Well done!
Edgar also drew and described his own troll. Well done!

Tayo has been solving the daily maths challenges.
Excellent working out, Tayo!
George has been doing some drawings of flowers, I love the detail in these pictures!
Geoorge has also been practising his baking skills. It looks delicous!
Zayden has been creating some fantastic art based on this flower called the Bleeding Heart.
I can see Zayden is really concentrating here!

Wonderful work, Zayden!
Watch Max solve the Brain Teaser…
Anya has adopted a monkey called Booboo from Wildfutures monkey sanctuary in Cornwall for her birthday next week. She has been creating stories with pictures to share about what might happen if Booboo and her friend Billy came to tea, as they’re planning a ‘monkey tea party’ for her birthday. Anya also wanted to let her classmates know about how much she is enjoying the 30days wild challenge from – doing one wild thing each day for a month- watching wild webcams at the wildcatwilderness, making and throwing seed bombs, making a paper owl, swinging from branches etc. You could download a great free resources go wild pack. She’d love to hear about the wild things you are enjoying too.
Yuchen has written an important message!
She has also being thinking about which food is good for you and which food is not.
Here are some fantastic cartoons drawn by Yuchen!
It’s great to see you completing the reading and maths activities, Yuchen!

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