WWII QUIZ ~ Written by the Year 3 Bubble

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1.      Where did most people hide during the air raids?

2.      Where did people put air raid shelters?

3.      Where were peoples toilets in the olden days?

4.      Which bombs were the most dangerous in the war? Why do you think so?

5.      What did adults and evacuee children have to carry with them everywhere to stay safe?

6.      Who was Adolf Hitler?       A) a political leader. B) a military commander

7.      What is shrapnel?

8.      How many UK merchant ships were sunk during the war?                    A)4000   B)10,000         C) 3,500         D) 800

9.      What percentage of these shops crews were killed?                                                               A) 25%.  B)50%.  C)100%   D) everyone lived

10.      Did the Germans fly the Spitfires?

11.     What were the shelters called in the blitz?                        A) bullet shelters          b) Air-Raid shelters     C) Gun shelters

12.      Who was the Prime Minister at the time?

13.     Which shelter was larger the Anderson shelter or the Morrison shelter?

14.     What was important for everyone to do on the home-front?    A) Rationing B) keeping pets safe?

15.     What would warn people about a bombing?                                A) fire alarms b) Air-raid sirens C) the sound of the planes

16.     Why did the Jewish people wear a star on their clothes?                             A) the Nazis made them so they could be identified easily.                         B) They thought it was pretty.

17.      Who was the political leader in Germany when WWII started?

18.     What was his political party called?

19.     What was Morse code used for?

20.     Who created the ‘Turing Test’ and helped solve the Enigma Code?

21.     What is an Anderson shelter made out of?

22.     What is a Morrison Shelter?

23.     What year did WWII start?

24.     When did WWII end?

25.     When did Anne Frank die?

26.     What did Anne Frank Die of?

27.     What was the name of Anne Franks Diary?

28.     What was the name given to the group that fought against the allies?
29.      What is the modern name for U-boats?

30.      Can you name 3 different types of bombs that were used in WWII?

31.      What did the rattle tell people on the homes front and what should they do if they heard it?

32.      An incendiary bomb lands near your house. This sort of bomb doesn’t explode it just burns (also known as a fire bomb). As the fire spreads towards your house you should…                                                       a) pore a bucket of water on it                                                 b) go to your nearest shelter and let it burn                                   c) shovel sand or soil over it

33.      A bomb lands in your garden. It sinks into the soil but doesn’t explode- yet. Do you…                                                                           a)throw stones so it goes off    b)tiptoe to the nearest shelter- not in your garden                             c)Tell the local ARP warden

34.      True or false. The UK had soldiers from India.

35.     How many years did the war last?

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