7 thoughts on “I’m missing assemblies with you all! Sing and dance along to my favourites with me…”

    1. Awwww! I didn’t mean to make you cry Hawa! I’m sorry. It’s a lovely memory and hopefully we will be able to have another assembly together and I PROMISE I will play those songs again!
      Ms C

  1. Hi Miss Chambers
    How are you and your family doing?
    These songs just give me great memories from school.
    It almost makes me want to cry!😭
    Missing you all a lot
    Stay safe!!!
    gtg bye
    (gtg means got to go)

    1. Hi Haasya,
      I and my family are all very well ~ Thank you so much for asking. I hope yours are too? I’m missing everyone as well and those songs will always remind me of you all. It’s okay to be sad, I think. It just means we have happy memories which is a good thing.
      Stay safe! 😊

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