3C 24th March 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re well and keeping busy. If you find any useful websites to help with work, let your classmates know on here. If you can be outside safely, enjoy the lovely sunshine.

Ms Chambers

23 thoughts on “3C 24th March 2020”

  1. BBC bitesize is good for volcano facts.Everything is good at home.I hope everyone is having FUN.
    PS. Maths is too easy for me.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Max.
      There is a riddle at the end of the maths today. Have you tried that? Also, there is a great website called Nrich that has LOADS of maths challenges. Get a grown up to help you find a good challenge.
      Ms C

    1. Good morning Joel,
      I’m loving your positive attitude! Are you going to send in a picture of some work for the Sharing Assembly tomorrow?
      Ms C

  2. I am very well Ms Chambers and how are you? Thanks for asking. are you enjoying the sunshine??

    1. I am very well Kennedy and LOVING the sunshine!
      Playtime at Holbeach is gorgeous this week 🙂
      Ms C

  3. Hello the poem

    Hello is a greeting
    it is most common in England
    it is not useful in Netherlands
    you cant use it in Japan or Switzerland but you can use it in America even more precise New York/the big apple or you could say hi.

  4. I am reading the 5TH How to Train your Dragon book and I finished reading the Letter for the King recently as well as the Wimpy Kid series again and lots of Asterix

    1. That’s a lot of books, Max! I am reading a lot too at the moment.I think it’s my favourite thing to do.
      I don’t think I know Letter for the King. Who is the author?

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