Year 2 Maths 6-10.7.20

Welcome back to another week of maths. This week we want you to look at data handling and interpretation.

There are no White Rose videos to watch this week. The days have been divided up into either watching a video and completing a worksheet or looking at a PowerPoint and then completing a worksheet.

REMINDER – Some of the activities have been divided up into three different categories – ‘Mild’, ‘Spicy’ and ‘Hot’. We would recommend that you choose the one you would like to have a go at

Monday-Please watch the video clip then choose a worksheet.

Tuesday-Please watch the video clip and then choose a worksheet

Wednesday-Look through the PowerPoint and then complete worksheet

Thursday-Look through the PowerPoint and then choose some work to complete.

Friday– Look at the PowerPoint first and answer the questions as you go along. Then have a go at one or all of the worksheets that will consolidate your learning over the week.

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