2B – Sharing Our Learning (Part 2)…

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Hello 2B, family and friends! Take a look at some of the FANTASTIC work from this week… 

Wareth has been working hard in English, Art AND Maths! He has really challenged himself by completing the ‘Mild’, ‘Spicy’ AND ‘Hot’ questions as well as the comprehension on Captain Tom Moore. Wareth has also been pushing himself in other activities too and wanted to share with you all that he has now learned how to ride a bike! As many of you know, this takes a lot of hard work, patience and practise! I am very proud of you Wareth and I am sure the rest of 2B are also – keep up the hard work! 

Freya has been working extremely hard in Maths! She has been pushing herself by completing the ‘Mild’, ‘Spicy’ AND ‘Hot’ Maths challenges! Well done Freya, keep it up!

David has been working very hard in Maths AND English! He has completed the daily maths problems and has continued to practise his comprehension skills. Keep it up David!

Mimi and Jimmy have both been busy perfecting their cook skills in DT! After reading ‘The Secret Pizza Party’, Jimmy then made his pizza at school and Mimi made her pizzas at home. Both pizzas look DELICIOUS! Well done Jimmy and Mimi! 

Well done Mason for all of your hard work in English, Maths AND Geography! Mason has worked hard to complete the ‘Mild’, ‘Spicy’ AND ‘Hot’ Maths challenges. As well as this, he has continued to work on his comprehension skills. He has also drawn a map showing his route taken from home to school using compass directions. Keep up the hard work Mason! 

Well done to Amy for all of her hard work in Maths, Science AND Geography! She has continued to complete the daily maths problems as well as the tasks set on White Rose. Amy has also revisitied some of the tasks from over the last few weeks in Science and Geography. Keep up the hard work Amy!

Anjola has been putting in lots of effort into her learning this week! She has been working hard on her spelling AND Maths! She has completed the daily maths challenges and has been practising spelling words that have ‘wr’ at the beginning. Well done Anjola, keep it up!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their work!

Keep up the hard work 2B, I’m looking forward to receiving more work next week. Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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