Christmas Party, Memorable Experience and MORE!

We have been VERY busy over the last few weeks and we have had LOTS of fun! Take a look at all of the different things we’ve been up to…

Christmas Lunch!

‘It was really yummy’ – Miah

‘The hall was really pretty and it was fun!’ – Mabli

‘I liked the Christmas cracker jokes!’ – Kimora

Christmas Performance – Hey Ewe!

‘I liked saying my lines and watching everyone else’ – David

‘I really liked our singing’ Mihir

‘I liked the singing and dancing’ – Amy

Winter Jumper Day!

‘It was good!’ – Alfie

‘It was the best day and I liked the things we did in the classroom’ – Oscar

‘I liked my jumper’ – Anjola

Memorable Experience with 1SJ and IL – Guess Our Dinosaur/Animal!

‘It was so fun’ – Zoe

‘I liked guessing the animals and dinosaurs with IL and ISJ’ – Hadassa

‘The popcorn was nice’ – Mike-Curtis

Christmas Party!

‘I liked the music and the games!’ – Jimmy

‘I liked the food and the Christmas songs’ – Given

‘Dancing in the hall was fun’ – Tim



Home Learning – Instructions – 20.12.18

Over the Christmas break we would like you to prepare for your Literacy focus in the New Year by thinking about how to give instructions. You must think about some of the rules in your house and rewrite them as instructions. Think about the language that you should use and how you might lay them out.

Also, remember that it is extremely important to keep reading for at least 20 minutes every day and also practise your times tables as often as possible. Set yourself a challenge every day.

instructions 20.12.18