Reading/Blog Buddies: 1B & 2S

Yesterday, 2S invited us to their Toy Exhibition, it was absolutely fantastic! We enjoyed looking at all the toys they had made. We asked lots of questions and some of us were even inspired to make some of our own toys once we got back to class!

Thank you 2S for inviting us!

Today, we all went to the library together for the first time (we will now be meeting our Reading/Blog Buddies every week). We enjoyed reading books together and getting to know each other.


Shops, stories, shapes, rainbow books and dinosaurs!

we wer piaying shop and we wer couning we liceit By Maire-Lucie
Eden wrote the story of Goldilocks at home! Well done!
Eden wrote the story of Goldilocks at home. Well done Eden!

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They mand raeboaw boocks. By Paige
I BEEN PLAying in the wawtchray me and paige and hasan maydy sh
I mad a karsl and the shayps I yoosed 3D shapes. By Tia

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we r making dinsars By Rimaya

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Year 3 Christmas Show Songs

Here are the songs from our Christmas production,  you can practise at home so that you are really confident!

3B – Home learning – 29th November


Year 3 Home Learning – 29th November
We have started to look at biographies in class. Could you find some information about a famous person and write a short biography about them?
You could include.
Their life as a child.
What they did that made them famous.
Important events in their life.
Interesting facts about them.

The songs for our Christmas Production are on the class blog. You can practise them so that know them off by heart.

Can you use your 5 times table facts to work out bigger numbers?
5 x 4 = 20
50 x 4 = 200
500 x 4 = 2000