1L Autumn Walk by Tia, Diana and Paige

56CFCBA7-47BC-424A-918B-A3E233A6D25C 0F398554-0694-4911-8A7E-E75372F4BF4B 319D2079-A522-4285-901B-6F20090A680B 3CA98B22-FB1A-48E1-8F99-9CA236381E11 2D518404-42E8-411E-8A92-8C2759F74B70we fod the  leevs. we   sor    sils…  we    made a     lef    aijl.,,,   we   saw    difroont       cindoov     leevs      we      saw     difroont     cindoov       culu   leevs.,,,

We tooc     pichur  shoa         lees……..we     shoa       acorns……

we  saw a  plAne  fruit.

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Year 4 Hockey


The Year 4s have had a brilliant half term with the hockey coach, and we’ve had some really exciting games.

If any children are interested in joining the Honor Oak Panthers hockey club, here’s a link to their website https://honoroakpanthershc.com/. More flyers will be coming in after half term for anyone else who is interested.

Have a lovely half term Year 4!!


Year 6 – Meet the author Andy Briggs!

There’s never a dull moment in Year 6 and today wasn’t any different. After working hard all term, we enjoyed an outing to Forest Hill School to meet the world famous writer Andy Briggs.

Andy told us about his job as a writer and the exciting adventures he has had all over the world to research material for his stories. Remember the elephant fleas? a gorilla’s scent? and the fact that bananas aren’t really bananas?!? Life as a writer definitely sounds far more exciting than we had ever imagined!

After talking about his adventures, Andy told us how he uses his ideas to create stories. He has recently modernised the Tarzan series and his collection of books based on an inventory of gadgets sounds intriguing.

Some of us ordered a signed copy of his latest book ‘Drone Racer’. We can’t wait to read it and are looking forward to getting some Andy Briggs books for our book corner.

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Planting, number lines and painting! Blogging by Shziyrah, Ayla, Maire-Lucie and Elizabeth


we plartid  boabs. By Maire-Lucie

We  part  ow   bozo.  bye Elizabeth


the nuber squair iz a nubub lin. by Ayla


I made a number line to 100. By Shziyrah

P1020747 P1020819 P1020818

Well done to Amari for bravely sharing his number line during Sharing Assembly! We are very proud of you!P1020764 P1020761 P1020733

P1020726 P1020725 P1020757 P1020758 P1020799 P1020798 P1020800 P1020801 P1020802