Our new topic is…’Eggs, Let’s Get Cracking!’

1L have had a cracking start to the term!

On Tuesday we tried eggs cooked in four different  ways. We described how they looked and tasted. Which did you like the best?

P1030678 P1030679 P1030687 P1030685 P1030684 P1030682 P1030680 P1030688 P1030689 P1030690 P1030691 P1030692 P1030693 P1030694 P1030695 P1030696 P1030697 P1030702 P1030701 P1030700 P1030699 P1030698 P1030705 P1030706 P1030707 P1030708 P1030711

In the afternoon, some of us made our own tables to record 1L’s egg preferences.

Here is Maiah with her table. She asked her classmates which egg was their favourite and then took it home and asked her family. Well done Maiah!


Which was most popular? Which was least popular? How many more preferred omelette to boiled?


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