1B’s Chicks – Day 4!

All 10 chicks have hatched! We have 6 boys and 4 girls. Watch our video to find out more about the chicks and take a look at our pictures to see some of the things we’ve been doing today!

Today, we all drew and labelled diagrams of the incubator and brooder box:

Some of us also made brooder boxes out of Lego:

Watch our video below:

3 thoughts on “1B’s Chicks – Day 4!”

  1. Dear 1B,

    Thank you for responding to our blog post and for the fantastic letters you wrote to us in your chick diaries!
    We LOVED coming to see the chicks and it reminded us of how much we enjoyed looking after chicks ourselves last year.
    We hope you enjoy having them in your class next week and like holding them too. We have some top tips for holding the chicks;
    ‘You need to hold them very carefully’
    ‘Hold them with your hands flat on the carpet because they like running and jumping off your hands!’
    ‘When the chick is in your hands try and keep them still’
    ‘If you are really quiet the chicks might sleep in your hands’
    ‘It might feel a bit strange your first time holding them but don’t be scared they won’t hurt you. Even if they peck a little it feels tickly.’
    We look forward to talking to you next Friday and reading your chick diaries!
    From your friends 2S

    1. Dear 2S,

      Thank you for suggesting all of those tips, they really helped us yesterday when we held the chicks. You were right, their feet did feel tickly on our hands, but they didn’t hurt us! When we had them out of the brooder box on the carpet, they were jumping everywhere and even trying to fly!

      We are happy that you were able to see the chicks last week. We really enjoyed sharing with you all of the interesting facts that we have learnt!

      We are going to be sad when they leave, but we are excited to show you our chick diaries on Friday!

      From your reading buddies, 1B

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