Magical Mess

Messy play is one of the best ways to learn. Giving children the freedom to make a ‘mess’ allows them to focus on process over product. There is no restricting end result just endless possibilities. This type of play helps children to develop courage and confidence to be curious, make their own discoveries, problem solve, have a go and keep trying. This week in Purple class we have enjoyed getting messy!

Giants in the Nursery!

Nursery have been enjoying the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and other giant related stories.

We have learnt lots of language relating to size, measured objects in different ways, planted beans of our own and got very messy pretending to milk Jack’s cow!

Here are some pictures of the learning and fun in action.

Can you tell your family the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? I wonder if you can remember what happened?

Here are some questions to prompt your child’s memory.

What did Jack sell at the Market?

How did Jack’s Mum feel?

What was at the top of the beanstalk?

What did the Giant say?

Year 1 Home Learning 26.05.22

This week we have been identifying 2D shapes and describing their properties. Watch the video below to remind yourself of the names of the shapes.

Shapes Song 2 – YouTube

We went on shape hunt around the school to count how many shapes we could spot.

For your home learning this week, go on a 3D shape hunt.

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid) – YouTube

You can draw the shapes you see, write a list of the shapes or make a tally chart like the one below.

In Science we have been looking at trees and plants. As part of your home learning this week you will be getting a Tree Hunt sheet. Over the half term you could go on a walk around your local area/park to see how many different trees you can identify.

This week is the last in a busy half term so make sure you also take some time next week to relax and enjoy your time off. We look forward to seeing you all in June for the start of the next Summer Term!

Jubilee Bunting in 1S

We have had a very busy week so far in 1S, getting ready for our class assembly tomorrow and preparing for Friday’s celebration.

Don’t forget that on Friday we will be having a whole school picnic to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. We are also having a ‘Red, White and Blue Day’ where you can wear clothes of that colour.

We made bunting ready to celebrate. Can you guess where we got our inspiration from?