Clay Teddy Bears

This week we have been making clay teddy bears. First we experimented with the clay. We talked about how the clay felt and the different ways we could manipulate the clay.

We were twisting, stretching, pushing, pulling and moulding, just to name a few. Look at the pictures below to describe what the clay felt like and how you were able to use it. We also used clay tools and different objects to see what different textures we could make.

Then we looked carefully at the teddy bears and used these to make our clay teddies.


This morning year 2 performed the nativity ‘Baubles’ to an audience of friends and family.

The children spoke clearly, sang beautifully and remembered their cues for getting on and off the stage. It was a fantastic show that the audience loved and the children enjoyed doing. Well done Year 2!

The performance was filmed and will be available to watch via the blog soon.

2T – Clay

In preparation for making clay teddy bears, 2T began investigating and exploring with clay.

First we discussed where clay comes from, what the different states of clay are and how it can be fired in a kiln. Then the children explored the clay and what shapes they could make with it.

After this the children had a go at stretching, twisting, pinching, smoothing, rolling and twisting the clay.

Then using different tools and materials the children experimented making patterns and textures. Thinking carefully about what they could use or do that will look like the fur on a teddy bear.

Year 5 Home Learning (6.12.19)

We are looking forward to our Christmas performance on Wednesday 18th December!

For homework this week, children in 5A and 5D will be reading through ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’ and beginning to learn their parts.


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