School Council

School Council

School council logo

This is our School Council Logo and what it means to us…

The hands show that everybody has an idea to share and we are always ready to listen and talk about them.

Chair Person – Epherson

  • I run meetings.
  • I help decide what we discuss.
  • I make sure we stick to the subject.
  • I make sure everyone has a chance to speak.
  • I take the votes on any decisions.
  • I talk to any adults that the council says I need to speak with.

Vice Chair Person – Krystal

  • I help the Chair person run the meetings.
  • I cover for the Chair person when they are away.
  • I help the younger members to write any notes.
  • I count up any votes.


  • I take the notes of the meetings.
  • I give out any messages and take notes to the classes.
  • I help the younger children to write their class notes.
IMG 0007

We had an election to decide who would be our Chair and Vice Chair.

IMG 0006

These are the statements of our winners. Congratulations to Epherson and Krystal






School Council Actions

Spring Term

In the assembly this week, the school council representatives explained to the rest of the school what had been agreed at their recent meeting.

  • They talked about the new “Comments Book” that was being kept to provide feedback to the school kitchen so that they can provide the best possible lunches to the children.
  • They informed the rest of the school that playing Football at playtimes will be possible again after half term but with a red card system in place that the School Council devised.
  • They shared their attempts at increasing the amount of recycling we do at Holbeach by introducing a used pen recycling collection to each floor in the school.