Our Staff

Our Staff

The staff at Holbeach are available in the playground before 9am and at the end of the day (3:20pm).

At the beginning of each month, we hold a drop-in afternoon between 3:20pm and 4pm where parents and carers can come into school to see how their child is getting on. The dates for this term are –

  • Monday 7th October 2019
  • Monday 4th November 2019
  • Monday 2nd December 2019

Alternatively, you can arrange a meeting with a class teacher or one of the leadership team by calling the school office on 0208 690 4713.

School Leadership Team
Headteacher Tom Bulpitt
Assistant Headteacher Angela Cronin
Assistant Headteacher Phil Morriss
Assistant Headteacher Karen Robertson
School Business Manager Gareth Hudson
Premises Manager Derek Holmes

Teaching Staff
Miss L Akitoye 5A
Miss B Ashby 4A
Ms J Bambury 1B
Miss S Bell 1B
Mr M Bothick 4B
Miss S Butler 2B
Mrs L Carter Specialist Teacher
Ms K Chambers 3C & Phase Leader for Y3 and Y4
Mrs K Collette Nursery
Mr P Davis 5D
Miss A Felton 6F
Mr S Greaves 3G
Miss K Kiss 3K
Miss A Little 1L
Ms M Lo Mandarin Teacher
Mrs H Lowinger RLM – Red Class
Mrs M Lynch 6L & Phase Leader for Y5 and Y6
Miss A Middleton RLM – Red Class
Mr E Mills Steel Pans Teacher
Miss S Simpson 4S
Miss C Spicer 2S
Miss C Townsend 2T & Phase Leader for Y1 and Y2
Miss J Turpin Dance Teacher
Mrs J Wilson RW – Purple Class & Phase Leader for EYFS

Support Staff
Ms E Chaloner Assistant SENDCo
Mrs A Howes Learning Mentor
Mrs E Canaj Early Years Educator – Purple Class
Mrs S Fitzpatrick Early Years Educator – 1L
Mrs E Mustafa Early Years Educator – Red Class
Mrs B Ruegg Early Years Educator – Nursery
Mrs C Carnell Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Tierney Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms P Abbott Teaching Assistant – 1L
Mrs N Aduaye-Odiete Teaching Assistant – 4B
Mrs A Bozzao Teaching Assistant – 4S
Mrs G Carder Teaching Assistant (SEN) – 5A
Mrs K Drew Teaching Assistant (SEN) – Intervention Groups
Miss L Farthing Teaching Assistant (SEN) – 3G
Miss M Fontaine Teaching Assistant – 3C
Miss L Francis Teaching Assistant – Nursery
Ms E Gainsford Teaching Assistant – 4B
Mrs L Gibbs Teaching Assistant (SEN) – 5D
Ms L Gonzalez Teaching Assistant – 4A
Mrs P Josephs Teaching Assistant – 2T
Miss C Killick Teaching Assistant – 2B
Mrs A Laben Teaching Assistant – 4B
Miss T Leather Teaching Assistant – 3K
Mrs E Mills Teaching Assistant – 6L
Mrs M Milusheva Teaching Assistant – 6F
Mr H Noel Teaching Assistant (SEN) – 5A
Miss C Partington Teaching Assistant – 2S
Mrs S Reeves Teaching Assistant (SEN) – 5A
Mrs A Taylor Teaching Assistant – 1B
Ms P Williams Teaching Assistant – Nursery
Mrs M Xhaferraj Teaching Assistant – 2S

Office Staff
Ms N Neükom Senior Administrative Officer
Mrs S Davidson Administrative Assistant
Mrs J Heath Receptionist / Clerical Assistant

Premises Staff
Mr D Holmes Premises Manager
Mr C Alvarez Premises Assistant / Cleaner
Ms G Bouho Cleaner
Ms C Ekwueme Cleaner
Mrs S Hassan Cleaner
Ms A McGreene Cleaner
Mrs K Scott Cleaner

Midday Supervisors
Mrs E Mills Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Asante Midday Supervisor
Miss E Bate Midday Supervisor
Miss C Benn Midday Supervisor
Miss I Dixon Midday Supervisor
Ms M Gilman Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Hassan Midday Supervisor
Ms S Hull Midday Supervisor
Mrs P Josephs Midday Supervisor
Mrs A McGreene Midday Supervisor
Mrs L McLaren Midday Supervisor
Miss A Pascal-Smith Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Ravendran Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Reeves Midday Supervisor
Mrs K Scott Midday Supervisor

Breakfast Club
Mrs E Mills Breakfast Club Coordinator
Mrs S Reeves Playworker

After School Club
Mrs K Drew After School Club Coordinator
Mrs S Reeves Playworker
Mrs P Josephs Playworker