Home Learning 6.6.19


In our English and Science lessons we have been learning all about different types of minibeasts.

For your homework this week pick an activity from the list below, don’t forget to bring it in and show your teacher what you have done.

  1. Draw and label a picture of a minibeasts habitat.
  2. Go on a bug hunt in the park or garden and see what minibeasts you can find.
  3. Draw and label a life cycle picture of a butterfly, ladybird or beetle.

We were really impressed with all the home learning we saw last week, so are looking forward to what we might see next week!

Home Learning 24.05.19

Next half term we will be exploring minibeasts and their habitats.

Over the half term can you find out interesting facts about a minibeast of your choice?

You could visit the library to research in a book, use the internet for research or ask someone at home what they know.

Image result for minibeasts

You could find out what they eat, where they live, what they look like and any other interesting facts.

You can choose how to present your information. Here are some ideas:

  • Make an information poster
  • Write an information book
  • Draw and label a picture of your minibeast

Year 2 Home Learning

Over the past 2 weeks in Maths we have been pracitising a range of strategies for answering questions with all 4 operations.

Look at the operation signs below, can you name them? Can you tell someone what happens to a number when you do this operation (does it get bigger/smaller?) How can you write a number sentence with this operation?

Image result for 4 operations

We have been using pictorial representations to help us answer these questions and the number facts we already know. E.g a blank numberline, or drawing dienes.

Choose a number in the red circle, choose an operation and then choose a number in the green triangle. Can you make a number sentence?

Green Triangle Red circle



*Challenge – Now choose your own numbers, or ask someone to choose some for you.* 

Year 2 Home Learning 25.04.19

This week we have been using money to problem solve. Look at the coins below, can you name them all?

Image result for uk coins

Imagine you are going to the bakery. You have 1 silver coin. What items could you buy? What if you chose a different silver coin, what could you buy then?

Image result for ks1 shop prices

Choose 2 items or 3 items from the bakery. How much would they cost altogether?

*Challenge* – Can you find change? Choose a silver coin and then choose an item to buy. Use an empty numberline to subtract the price from the amount of the coin.

E.g: Use the numberline to say the answer below.




Home Learning-Easter Holidays


Over the holiday, don’t forget to read lots. You could make a list of the books you have read and share them with your class when you get back.

Practise counting in twos, fives, tens and threes and try having a go at learning your times tables.

If you visit anywhere special, you could write about your visit, ready to share with the class when you get back. Don’t forget to use capital letters and full stops!

We hope you all have a restful Easter Holiday.

Easter Bunny

Yesterday 2T really enjoyed their visit to  Ladywell Park to meet the Easter Bunny. They took with them some cards they had made for the bunny, to make him feel a bit better. Sadly, this week a pesky fox had stolen the bunny’s eggs and the bunny had been feeling quite sad.

It was all ok in the end, the eggs were found and everyone enjoyed eating them.

DSCN2709 DSCN2713 DSCN2714 DSCN2715 DSCN2720 DSCN2721 DSCN2723 DSCN2725 DSCN2730 DSCN2731 DSCN2732 DSCN2733 DSCN2736 DSCN2737 DSCN2738 DSCN2740 DSCN2741 DSCN2742 DSCN2743 DSCN2744 DSCN2745 DSCN2747 DSCN2748 DSCN2749 DSCN2750 DSCN2751 DSCN2752 DSCN2754 DSCN2760 DSCN2761

Fire Brigade Visit

On Monday Year Two had a very special visit from the Lewisham Fire Brigade. They came along with two of their fire engines, which they drove onto the playground!

2T were lucky enough to go outside first and have a look at the fire engine in more detail. The children got to see all the equipment behind the shutters, climb on board and have a look at all the gadgets. Then everyone got to try a helmet on. Once the children had climbed out the other side they each had a turn using the hoses. It was a lot of fun.

After this we all went inside and met Mark and Mustafa, who taught us all about fire safety.

It was a fantastic visit enjoyed by everyone.

DSCN2666 DSCN2668 DSCN2669 DSCN2670 DSCN2671 DSCN2672 DSCN2675 DSCN2676 DSCN2679 DSCN2680 DSCN2683 DSCN2684 DSCN2686 DSCN2687 DSCN2689 DSCN2690 DSCN2691 DSCN2693 DSCN2695 DSCN2696 DSCN2697 DSCN2698 DSCN2699 DSCN2700 DSCN2701 DSCN2703 DSCN2706 DSCN2707