Year 3 Home Learning 17th January 2019

week two map

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Home Learning – 17th January – Addition Game

This week’s home learning gives you the chance to show both your creative and mathematical abilities by designing and creating a maths addition game. Use the ideas below of come up with your own – the only rule is, it has to involve mental addition.

As some of Year 5 will be at Wick Court Farm next week, you have an extra week to complete this. If you have any ideas that might help your classmates, post them below!

spring 1 week 2

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GBM Home Learning Ideas


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Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!

IMG_6966 IMG_6977 IMG_6978 IMG_6979 IMG_6980 IMG_6981 IMG_6982 IMG_6983 IMG_6984 IMG_6985 IMG_6986 IMG_6989 IMG_6997

As part of our traditional tales topic, we have been reading the book ‘The Gingerbread Man’.  We have done lots of activities linked to the GBM and have enjoyed retelling the story to each other using our story maps.

Today we made some gingerbread dough.We can’t wait to see what they taste like.

Over the week we have been designing and building vehicles and bridges to help the GBM across the river.


In the outside area, we have built sturdy traps to help the fox capture the GBM.





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Nursery Christmas Performance

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How to make pancakes!

Mr Wolf has lost his pancake recipe! We are going to write a new one for him or else…..he will eat us!!

Today we practised telling each other the instructions.

We filmed each other on the IPADS.



Can you remember all the steps?

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Text Map: How to Make a Frog Fly

 Here is the text map and text to help you learn the instructional text:


IMG_20190116_124956  IMG_20190116_125005  IMG_20190116_125009

How to Make a Frog Fly

Have you ever wished that you could make a frog fly?  If so, do not despair: help is at hand.  Read these instructions and soon you too will be able to see frogs zoom through the air.

You must collect a variety of items, before proceeding: a fresh lily pad (no one wants to be seen carrying around an old one); a large, comfortable blanket (John Lewis often have some great deals); some pond weed plus a large jar of fairy dust (available at all good magic shops).

What you do:

  • First, spread the lily pad out on the ground.
  • Next, cover the lily pad with the comfortable blanket; make sure it is fully covered.
  • After that, sprinkle the fairy dust on to the lily pad. It is of utmost importance not to spill any on your hands.
  • Finally, place a large lump of pond weed on top of the blanket. The trap is now set.
  • Now tiptoe behind a tree and wait (grab a can of Red Bull, sit back and relax – you may be in for a long wait).
  • In the end, the frog will spot the cosy lily pad, leap on to it and take off.

A final note of warning:

Do not try to lift the frog on to the lily pad as it may become cross and hop away.

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1SJ Pancakes

We’ve been cooking again!

Yesterday we made pancakes.  We weighed the flour, cracked the eggs and measured the milk.  Then we whisked it all together to make pancake batter.  Miss Bell fried them carefully.  Next was the delicious part! We followed our designs, added lots of toppings and then ate them up! Yum, yum!

DSCF2784 DSCF2785 DSCF2786 DSCF2787 DSCF2789 DSCF2791 DSCF2792 DSCF2793 DSCF2794 DSCF2795 DSCF2796 DSCF2797 DSCF2799 DSCF2800 DSCF2801 DSCF2802 DSCF2805 DSCF2806 DSCF2807 DSCF2809 DSCF2810 DSCF2811 DSCF2813 DSCF2815 DSCF2816 DSCF2817 DSCF2818 DSCF2819 DSCF2820 DSCF2821 DSCF2822 DSCF2823 DSCF2826 DSCF2827 DSCF2828 DSCF2829

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As part of our topic, we have been looking at recipes which contain egg.

Today, we made pancakes!

Before making, we discussed the ingredients we would need and made a shopping list of the things we needed to buy. We watched a clip and made notes which gave us step by step instructions on how to make pancakes. Together, we then made a ‘recipe map’ and followed it whilst making.



Can you remember the recipe? What were your favourite toppings?


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The Great Fire of London

This week we have been learning about the key events of the Great Fire of London.

Can you remember where and when it started? Why did the fire start?

Today in English we worked in groups and created actions to help us remember the sequence of events. Use the pictures below to tell someone at home about the events of the Great Fire.

DSC06747 DSC06748 DSC06749 DSC06750 DSC06751 DSC06753 DSC06754

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