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  1. connor says:

    I miss Holbeach. It was nice. I really do miss the lessons and all the teachers.

  2. Glendior says:

    It was really nice in Holbeach.

  3. Glendior says:

    I like year 6

  4. Raquel says:

    I miss holbeach.And the lessons in school was so fun.And some people. Miss there friends like play with them or other thing.bye I hope you guys have fun at the halft term.

  5. Lauren says:

    I am so scared. that i will miss u guys we only got one more year guys so we need to work hard

  6. Raquel says:


  7. annmarie says:

    wow i miss holbeach alot. but i am in secondary school now.

  8. Tristan says:

    I’m gonna miss every one in year six ) :

  9. mathushan says:

    do you remember me 4f

  10. Raquel says:

    Hi everyone I am working really hard at my primary school

  11. Raquel says:

    I am work really hard at school

  12. Raquel says:

    I hope you children are working hard too. If you work hard the more things you will know.

  13. Raquel says:

    I really miss year 6 and miss lynch and miss mills they are funny.

  14. Raquel says:

    I am working hard at my secondary school

  15. Djiba says:

    Yes i miss holbeach sooo
    much and it was my first school!The BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!

  16. Hafsa Elmi says:

    I miss everyone in the whole school .I’m in nairobi.holbeach is the best school in the world

    • Maire Lynch says:

      Hello Hafsa,
      Great to hear from you.
      We miss you and your lovely smile too!
      How is life in Nairobi?
      Love, Miss Lynch :)

  17. Zoe says:

    If you remember me or not, I hope everyone who reads this has an amazing expireience in Holbeach, it was by far my favrioute school. I miss everyone from last year, I missed all of you I came on here. So everyone, in holbeach or in any other academic school, just enjoy your education. try your hardest, and just if you didn’t get it right the first time, carry on! From Zoe, in year seven now >w<

    • Maire Lynch says:

      Hi Zoe,
      Only seeing your message now.
      Great words of encouragement for other students.
      Was lovely seeing you the other morning.
      Keep on working hard and being wonderful!
      Love Miss Lynch :)

  18. Raquel Lopez says:

    Hey Guys I miss Holbeach so much and the teachers too.Try your hardest and don’t give up just keep going, If you u got it wrong at the first time, just carry on!From Raquel, in year seven now.

  19. Gubicssimona says:

    I will miss you guys

  20. Raquel says:

    I Miss Holbeach. Now I am in year 8 and i am working so hard at school. I hope you guys there at holbeach are working hard too. From Raquel xxx

    • Maire Lynch says:

      Hello Raquel!
      We miss you too!
      I’m so proud to hear you are still working hard at school – keep it up!
      Pop in and say hello one day if you can.
      Michael and Billy popped in last week.
      Take care. Love Miss Lynch :)

  21. Vilma Despabiladeras says:

    We had a lovely and enjoyable time in the Holbeach Summer Fair indeed, 30/06/2018.
    We also won some raffles and children were happy about prizes.
    But there was one stall > Guess How Many Sweets, which was confusing how to win the prize; my son Paul from 5P was signed up and paid 40p.
    At the end of the program, he went back in the stall and asked the lady about its raffle; she replied ” we did not count up the sweets yet.” As he really interested, we waited until the lady tidied up her stall, but there was no raffle done; we decided to go home in the end.
    Paul was still asking about it but I do not know exactly what is the rule of winning in that stall?
    Thank you.

    Kind regards
    Vilma Despabiladeras

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