Friends of Holbeach – Playground ‘Spruce Up’


“We have put the beach back into Holbeach,” that is how one parent described the results of the Friends of Holbeach ‘Spruce Up’ weekend. Lots of different parents, friends, staff and church members gave up their spare time last weekend (8th and 9th June) to brighten up the playground with a lick of paint and some extra plants. It was great to see the community working together for the good of the school. The children responded very positively to their extra colourful playground and are very grateful to all who contributed

If you helped out and want to tell us about your experience add a message to this blog. Alternatively, you might want to thank the Friends for their hard work. Either way we would welcome responses below.

Warm Wishes

Mr Bulpitt

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4 Responses to Friends of Holbeach – Playground ‘Spruce Up’

  1. Anna Taylor (Chair of Friends of Holbeach ). says:

    A massive thank you to everyone who came along and helped spruce up the playground at the weekend. Although it was hard work, I really enjoyed myself. It just goes to show what a bit of paint and hard work can do! I was initially a bit unsure about the kids helping with the painting but they were amazing and we couldn’t have done it in the time without their help. I’d love to hear what they think?…….

  2. Eva (3L) says:

    I went along and did all the green.

    • Olivia (6S) says:

      when we came back from the Isle of Wight, after being stuck in a coach for 5 hours the vibrant colours of the playground really brightened up our day!

  3. Alicia says:

    Wow! What a lovely transformation. I walked into the playground on Tuesday afternoon and couldn’t stop smiling. The colours really give the playground a much-needed “lift”. Thank you to everyone involved for all your hard work.

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